Jones Digital Outdoor

Grab Attention

Ad messages change every eight seconds. The eye cannot help but be drawn to your advertisement.

Cast a Wider Net

Digital Billboards are found in the highest trafficked areas. 100,000 eyeballs on your message every single day.

Tell Your Story

Creative strategies can tell a story or communicate numerous details using multiple design layouts.

Adapt Quickly

Advertising messages can be changed weekly, daily or even hourly.

Outdoor Bulletins

Outdoor Bulletin Benefits

Bulletins afford heightened visibility due not only to their size, but also because they allow creative flexibility. Efficient creative design is critical for visual impact. A simple design provides the best impact for reaching the targeted audience.

Why Jones Outdoor?


Loud & Clear

By driving consumers into retail locations for local, regional, and national advertisers


Bringing People Together

By reaching increasingly mobile consumers wherever they commute, work, shop, travel, and play.

Sticky Messages

By continuing to stretch the boundaries of advertising through unique and memorable campaigns.

Real Estate Partnership

Since 1984

With 370 billboard faces in Wisconsin, you'll have coverage from Fond du Lac to Menominee, MI.

Your Benefits

Lease programs developed to maximize your assets and cover the expenses of owning your property.

Minimally Invasive

Generate extra income without interrupting your normal usage.

Bonded & Insured

Staff is our responsibility. You won't worry about liability when our team visits to maintain the structure.

Compliance Expertise

Partner with Jones Outdoor and we'll take on the responsibility of navigating governmental compliance at the local & state levels.

The People of Jones Outdoor

“Christine’s background in design brings an added dimension for clients. She can work through an Outdoor Advertising Campaign and design the ad on her laptop with client input on the fly.”

Christine Rutchik
Senior Outdoor Consultant

“Kierstin has eaten, slept, and breathed the outdoor advertising industry since 2013.”

Kierstin Thompson
Outdoor Sales Consultant

“Finding new sites, permitting, and guiding municipalities through the variance process. Nobody does this better than Larry Sidman. He is like a Billboard Sherpa.”

Larry Sidman
Director of Real Estate & Community Affairs

“For over 40 years, Jones Outdoor has served the Wisconsin market.”

Jones Outdoor

Do Travelers Notice Digital Billboards?

  • 75% Noticed a Digital Billboard in Past Month
  • 60% Noticed a Digital Billboard in Past Week
  • 55% Notice the Message Every Time They Pass
  • 6% Reported they Never Notice Messages

Source: Nielsen Research on Digital Billboards- 2015

What Sort of Content Is Being Noticed on Digital Billboards?

  • Advertising - 82%

  • AMBER Alert or Missing Child - 35%

  • Community Event Info - 24%

  • Weather Alert - 18%

Source: Nielsen Research on Digital Billboards- 2015

Billboard Advertising Policy

In order to operate Jones Outdoor in a safe manner for our employees, customers, & general public audience, it is the policy of Jones Outdoor that we will not accept any commercial or noncommercial information or advertisements on our billboards, which may otherwise be allowed by law or ordinance, that contain information that falls under one or more of the following categories:
information that cannot be practically or scientifically proven
Hate Speech:
Content intended to degrade, intimidate, or incite violence or prejudicial action against a person or group of people based on their race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or other differentiating factors. Our billboard advertising shall not contain racial or religious epithets or advocate doing physical harm to property.
Sexually-Oriented Business Advertising:
businesses that are part of the sex industry, such as sites of sexually oriented performance and paraphernalia stores. In addition, Jones Outdoor reserves the right to refuse messaging content for which the legality is unclear.